A dog was left to live at the fire station

Ashley, a pit bull terrier, was found in an abandoned house during the winter. The one-year-old dog was so emaciated that her ribs were bulging. She had cigarette burns on her head and weighed 10 pounds under her age limit.

The employees of the organization that found the dog did not have a place to keep the animals. So they started looking for new owners for Ashley. The employees of the New York City Fire Department took Ashley into their care. The dog immediately wagged her tail and started licking everyone when she entered the fire station.

A few days later, the fire department called the organization and asked if they could keep the pit bull. «We love her. She’s at home here,» they added.

Ashley has lived in the firehouse ever since. She accompanies the firefighters everywhere: during jogging, in the fire truck (she was assigned a special seat) and in the mess hall.

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