A dog abandoned by its owners sat on a wasteland for six months

Unfortunately, not all people realise that they are responsible for those they have tamed. Sometimes animals are left homeless and without food at the snap of a finger, and their way of life is changed forever. So how do they adapt to the new conditions?

The dog from Yekaterinburg, abandoned by its owners, could not get used to life on the street. Its owners left their home, leaving the dog on a wasteland without food or water.

The faithful dog sat waiting for its former owners for six months where they had abandoned it. However, no one came back. The big, sickly dog was spotted by the locals.

Then one day, a concerned family saw a photo of the dog on social media and came to the wasteland to take it home with them.

Since then, the St Bernard has been living in a new home. It has had a long time to heal, as life on the streets has not been without consequences for the domestic dog. It has had many ailments, which have been treated by the new owners.

The dog’s name is now Beethoven, and it won’t be abandoned again!

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