A cat scratched the glass of the aviary, trying to get people’s attention

A cat called Vali was given to a shelter because its elderly owner could not take care of it. Even though the cat has never been to a shelter in its 10 years of life, it immediately trusted the volunteers.

A 10-year-old cat named Vali was brought to a shelter in New Jersey, USA. Its elderly owner could no longer take care of it, so she had to give it to the shelter to be taken care of there. Vali was not used to this environment, but despite this, it immediately trusted the local staff.

The staff determined that the cat was in good health – except for a slight problem with its teeth, which caused it to have an irregular bite. They quickly found a temporary home for it. There Vali revealed itself even more – it turned out to be a very affectionate and grateful lady. It wanted to spend all the time in the company of people.

They started looking for new owners for Vali, and the guardians were sure that it would not be difficult to find a family for such a sweet and kind creature. However, the search dragged on. Six months went by, and no one wanted to take the cat – despite the many photos and posts that the staff wrote about Vali.

But Vali was not discouraged – it was still enjoying life and thanked its guardians every day with loud purring and affection. It even made friends with the other dogs and cats at the shelter. The guardians decided to do something more to find owners for Vali – and decided to move it to the shelter’s aviary, where they exhibit animals urgently looking for a home. Its chances of finding owners are better there.

At first Vali was calm when it found itself in the shelter’s enclosure. Every day dozens of people come in here looking for a pet, and after a while the cat has figured out a way to attract attention. Every time someone enters the shelter, it starts actively scratching the glass of the enclosure as if to say, ” Come and notice me!”

Vali is friendly and kind to everyone it meets, and the staff is sure that soon this sweet creature will find a better home. Be happy, Vali!

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