A cat falls out of the window of a multi-storey building – and it was filmed

A cat, falling from a multi-story building, was captured on camera.


Despite the phrase that cats have nine lives, in reality, it is a myth. However, the pet in our video literally put it to the test.

The chubby cat named Shi Fu from Bangkok weighs 9 kg. He is quite plump, and perhaps that’s what saved him. Unfortunately, his owner didn’t keep an eye on him, and he fell out of the window. From a height of 27 meters, approximately 6 floors. And this incident was caught on video!

The girl was deeply upset, crying, and kept saying that she had forgotten to close the balcony door. She was fined because pets are not allowed in that residential complex.

The cat was immediately taken to the veterinarian. He was diagnosed with several bruises, two broken claws, and a broken nose, but there were no life-threatening injuries.

The cat landed on a 0 MG Apivat Toyotaka car. It even shattered the glass. The insurance company will reimburse the damage caused to the car.

The owner has learnt her lesson, and after the kitty recovers, she will put him on a diet.

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