A blind dog and his faithful guide cat were adopted by a loving family.

The fact that cats and dogs do not get along is most often true, but there are cases that refute this stereotype and our story is one of them. Dog Spike and cat Max are not only best friends, but the cat is the guardian and guide of the blind dog.

Both of them ended up in a shelter in one of the towns of Canada. They were taken from the former owner, who could no longer support them. He was an elderly man who had been keeping animals in an outdoor shelter. Despite the fact that the shelter was partially covered with a roof, the frosts in Canada were severe and the animals were very cold.

Neighbors noticed the animals and contacted the animal welfare service. Employees went there and saw them shivering from the cold. They were taken to a shelter in the hopes to find caring owners, although there was little chance, because it was not very easy to find someone to take care of a blind eight-year-old dog.

Separating friends would be very cruel, since Spike and Max were very close and did not move a step away from each other. The cat helped the dog to navigate in space. Therefore, there was a decision that they would give them to the same owner. Due to the fact that rarely anyone could apply to shelter them both, it was decided to levy a tax only for a dog, and just give a cat.

Pictures of friends were in all social networks to attract attention and they were shared by a large number of Internet users. They went to a caring owner in another province, but they found a warm home, care, and, most importantly, they were not separated.

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