A rescue team found a blind female coyote who survived despite falling from a 10-meter height, dehydration, rat poisoning, exhaustion and being shot in the head. When the animal was lifted off the ground, it stopped breathing. They had to give it artificial respiration and take it to the vet.

Rescuers say this is a unique case in 35 years of wildlife rescue. They believe a female coyote was shot, but it ran away and fell off a cliff into the river bed of a dried-up river. Someone notified rescuers, and it was found.

But there was another surprise ahead. Six weeks later, while cleaning the cage of a coyote, the caretaker discovered newborn cubs. “Despite the hardships the coyote has endured, this one is the best mom we’ve ever seen. It’ s sweet, kind and caring,” said a spokesperson for the rescue.

When the pups grow up, they will be released into the wild. The mother coyote will be sent to a wildlife shelter. “We think it deserves to live in a safe place,” said one of the rescuers.

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