A blind cow should have been sent to slaughter, but was miraculously rescued at the last moment

A 12-year-old blind cow has spent its entire life on an industrial dairy farm. It was about to be sent to slaughter, but concerned people miraculously saved the animal from imminent death.

After the 12-year-old blind cow gave birth to her last calf more than a year ago, she was unable to get pregnant again – it meant the end of her life.

This cow spent her entire life on an industrial dairy farm, where she was never allowed outdoors. When she stopped feeding her calf, she was no longer needed by the farmers. The animal was about to be sent to slaughter.

The people of Black Goat Sanctuary, a Canadian farm animal rescue organisation, could not remain indifferent to the plight of a blind cow. The cow was lucky enough to be moved to a beautiful farm animal sanctuary a few days later.
Here, the cow took her first ever steps on the green grass and was exposed to the sun’s rays!

“She had at least 10 calves, and at this dairy they take them away immediately. There, the cows are never allowed to clean their calves and spend time with them,” said a staff member of the nature reserve.
The cow was not brought alone to the sanctuary, but with a newborn calf taken away from its mother. It was also abandoned at the farm.

While the blind cow treaded carefully on the grass and inhaled the fresh air with interest, the little calf frolicked wildly.
The cow and the calf became surprisingly attached to each other.

One night, the sanctuary staff heard the pair mooing to each other through the barn door. When the calf was let in to the blind cow, the cow instinctively licked it and did not move a step away. For her loving care the cow is called Mama. Now the staff members bring her the baby cow about six times a day.
The two love spending time together and have become a real family.

Other residents of the reserve also got to know its new inhabitants.

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