The 5 most picturesque places on Earth

Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Belize, and Bolivia are already exotic countries themselves, but they are also famous for their beautiful and mysterious places located on their territories, such as the Enchanted Well and amazing caves. In this overview, we will tell you about five unique places.

Looking at the picturesque corners of the planet created by nature itself, we can find a definition of beauty and choose words that describe this concept. An overview of incredible and unique places on Earth allows us to once again confirm that true beauty is not always on the surface and is hidden somewhere deep. But those who are willing to embark on a journey, overcome difficulties, and remain persistent, will always find this beauty.

“The Enchanted Well” (Brazil)

This amazing place is located in the eastern part of Brazil, in the state of Bahia, at the bottom of a cave that is 80 meters deep. The depth of the well itself is 31 meters. The water in it is crystal clear, allowing you to see the bottom of the “well” in the smallest details. The well is called Enchanted for a reason: looking into it, you can observe a beautiful spectacle of light and water.

The Marble Caves (Chile)

These caves are one of the most popular and famous places in Chile, attracting tourists and locals alike. They are located on the famous alpine Lake Buenos Aires on the border of Argentina and Chile. The caves are mostly made up of limestone rocks, so they take on a beautiful bluish hue when they come in contact with water. This place is a real find for diving enthusiasts.

The Cave of Huge Crystals (Mexico)

In the town of Chihuahua, an incredibly beautiful place has been discovered – a cave with crystals of extraordinary size. This cave is 300 metres deep and its crystals reach a length of up to 15 metres and a width of one and a half metres. The formation of the crystals has been ascribed to the unique climatic conditions of the cave: high humidity, which reaches 100%, and air temperatures ranging from 50 to 60°C. You can only visit this cave with special equipment, but you can enjoy the beauty of the place thanks to impressive photographs.

The Great Blue Hole (Belize)

The place is called The Great Blue Hole and it really is one of the most amazing and memorable places on the planet. The Great Blue Hole is 124 metres deep and filled with crystal clear blue water. The Great Blue Hole was formed thousands of years ago by large scale sea level changes and is a true refuge for many marine animal species, such as sharks and sea turtles. It also attracts many tourists and divers from all over the world who want to enjoy its unique beauty and explore its underwater world.

The Salar de Uyuni salt marsh (Bolivia)

This place is called the Uyuni Salt Marsh and is located in Bolivia. It is the largest salt plateau in the world, covering more than 10,000 km². It is also famous not only for its mirror-like water reflections when it rains but also for its unusual flora and fauna, which have adapted to the conditions of life in the salt flats. Numerous species of pink flamingos can be found here, as well as other unique animal and plant species. Uyuni Salt Marsh is a popular tourist destination that attracts many travellers from all over the world.

The list of amazing natural places can go on endlessly, as nature has created numerous places that amaze with their beauty. But to see all these places, you would need more than one lifetime. Perhaps even where you are right now, there is a special place worth seeing. Learn to find beauty in small things, and you will see how the world becomes brighter and more colorful.

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